What We Do

We work as a bridge to connect the supply chain to bring our customers the goods they rely on every day.
Following activities are the key services what we are intended to provide to our respective clients:

  • In order to provide prompt services to our clients, our sells team in the US office will have up to date information regarding Product Sample, Production, Lead Time, Commercial, Shipping status etc.
  • Our clients won’t have to come all the way to Bangladesh in case of emergency, or checking up with the production, or any sort of issues that arise during pre-production as we have an office in the US.
  • Payment can be done locally in the US, and thus the lead time may reduce by saving time.
  • We handle fabrics and accessories procurement according to client’s requirements.
  • Our expert team always follows up production status.
  • Check up every day in line quality.
  • Quality inspection is done by our experience quality controllers.
  • Logistic support and other support.
  • Handle different test as per present ISO quality & compliant.
  • Ensuring shipment from the factory to destination port by following up with freight forwarding agents or shipping lines.